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Coming from a rock guitar background, Dave Molk embarked on jazz performance until problems with tendonitis lifted his compositional focus to the forefront. He writes mainly for pitched and non-pitched percussion, combining an energized rhythmic propulsion with expressive timbres.

Dave is close friends with producer Olde Dirty Beathoven, a board member of New Works for Percussion Project, and a founding member of District New Music Coalition and Living Room Music. His research focuses on inclusive pedagogy and dismantling structural racism in music education. He advocates for undocumented communities in and outside of higher education, including designing, researching, and building the Cross Campus Organizing Network website (as of early 2019, now archived and updated here). He is published in Sounding Out!, New Music Box, and Indiana Theory Review. Molk earned his Ph.D from Princeton University and taught composition and theory at Georgetown University.